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Kayleigh Brean

Personal Experience & Biography

I started visiting the chiropractor following a back pain I had for about 1 and a half years, this was causing me a lot of problems with my own training and my personal training career. After a few weeks of visits my pain had gone it was such an amazing relief being able to do my day to day activities again and without the pain.

Since then I have started working with Andy, this was an amazing opportunity for me to see the workings of a busy chiropractic clinic along with being part of something that helps so many people each day.

I have been lucky enough to have recently completed, with honors, my level 3 Personal training qualification which has also helped to give patients extra guidance on the rehabilitation side of care.

This gives me great satisfaction knowing that through chiropractic adjustments and training regimes catered to the individual needs of patients we are able to gain such improvements on initial injuries, health and fitness.

In my time at the Hartland Chiropractic I have learned interesting information of all the things chiropractic treatment can help with including headaches, back and musculoskeletal injury but also seeing the improvements in general well-being in patients with chiropractic care.

I really enjoy being part of such a caring team and clinic.

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  • Level 3 Personal Training